Mailzapp Review FE and OTO Review – Madhav Dutta & Dr. Sameer Joshi

The popularity of the internet today shows the importance of email marketing in companies and businesses today. Not only creates professionalism but also a smart solution for many corporate information problems. Mailzapp is an advanced AI application that supports automatic email answering, helping you to convert and optimize the reach of customers.

Mailzapp Review

What is Mailzapp?

Mailzapp is an automatic email answering software that is applied with artificial intelligence technology that will help you optimize your ability to reach customers quickly.

In addition to sending your emails reliably, Mailzapp has a tool that automates email campaigns and some great email templates that will maximize customer mail checking rates.

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Mailzapp Review – About the Vendor

Mailzapp was developed by Madhav Dutta and Dr. Sameer Joshi. These are famous people in internet marketing, they have new innovations in marketing and help many people succeed with their software. Some of their high-quality products such as ZKart, CoachZippy, AppsKit.Pro, Livenar Plus … With its success, Mailzapp will certainly be the software used by many people in the near future.

Mailzapp Features

  • No SMTP Required
  • AI Technology Automatically Optimizes Your Email Opens & Click-Through Rates
  • Automatically Reduces Unsubscribes With Advanced Machine Learning
  • Stops Your Emails Getting Flagged As Spam And Never Seen
  • Automatically Optimizes Your Emails In Real-Time Before And AFTER They’ve Been Sent!
  • Drag And Drop Template Editor
  • Mobile-Friendly Emails
  • Advanced List Verification And Cleaning
  • Powerful Personalization & Tagging
  • Next-Level Conversion-Boosting Technology Including Heat Maps, Reports & More
  • Powerful Tracking & Reporting To Boost Your Results
  • Integrates With Zapier & Many More!
  • Unlimited Sends. Agency Access
  • Premium Support For All Users
  • 100% Cloud Based & User Friendly

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Mailzapp Review – Video Demo

Mailzapp Review – How Does Mailzapp Work?

Step 1: Pick a template: It is loaded with proven designs that look awesome on every device and help you stand out as a professional in any industry.

Step 2: Set the AI: Tell Mailzapp your acceptable open rates and unsubscribe rates for your campaign. It will automatically optimize your emails to reach your targets.

Step 3: Add your text: Add your content to the email and get ready to send. You can add images, video, GIFs and fully formatted text, exactly how you want it to look.

Step 4: Test subject lines before sending: It will automatically suggest subject lines and alert you if certain subject lines are likely to cause spam issues or receive lower open rates, before you even send the email!

Step 5: Check spam words: It will also check your email to ensure it doesn’t contain any words that could trigger spam warnings to your subscribers or have your email automatically send to their spam folder.

Step 6: Send the email and track: Schedule your email, add to your autoresponder or send as a broadcast right away, then use the powerful tracking tools and reporting features inside Mailzapp to see how it’s performing and how to get better results over time.

Mailzapp Review Pros And Cons


There are several strengths to get from this product. First is the artificial intelligence system that can help to ease the email marketing campaign to run successfully. It is also completed with a spam checker that can notify in case of any trigger to the email that can lead the email into spam. Therefore, it effectively works to optimize an email campaign for suitable excellent sales results.


In terms of the cons, it is recommending to purchase get a detailed con of the product.

Mailzapp Review – My opinion and conclusion

With Mailzapp, you get the best of email marketing easily and quickly. Hence, you should use this product right away to get revenue for your business. It all automatically works in a smart way to lead to sales conversions. Moreover, it is also easy to customize and personalize according to each type of business.


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